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Hair thinning and loss are caused by various factors.Click here to find out more.

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The Crescina

Read the personal stories of people who’ve tried the CRESCINA shampoo and treatments.Formulated for men and women,the various products deliver serious results.

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Crescina for

Women suffer from hair loss and thinning too. Restore volume and maintain a healthy mane by using the various products made specially for women.

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A guide to
healthy hair

Your hair’s condition can affect your appearance as well as your disposition. Glossy, thick and vibrant locks add to your charm while thinning, dry or brittle-looking hair makes one look older and tired. Give your crowning glory some love and attention and help maintain its youthful bounce and volume. Click on the link for tips on maintaining beautiful, thick hair.
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About Labo Cosprophar

Swiss company Labo Cosprophar is an established brand that boasts of an
impressive portfolio of beauty and hair treatments widely sold all over the world.
All its products are rigorously tested and have passed safety standards.