Stages of Hair Loss / Thinning

Hair loss (or hair fall) results from unhealthy bulbs and other factors such as diseases, unhealthy diets, stress, and trauma. If not treated, the condition leads to hair thinning and eventually, baldness.
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Assess your hair’s condition by referring to the simple chart below.

Stage 1

Examine and compare your photos from a few years back to your present pictures. Take a look at your hairline, as well as the volume or thickness.

Stage 2

Moderate hair thinning results in a visible change in the hairline around the face and a significant loss of volume.

Stage 3

The scalp is plainly visible at this stage, with just a few strands of hair sprouting from the affected areas. This usually occurs at the top of the head and the top back part with continually growing radius.


The Swiss brand offers unique solutions that will help invigorate your crowning glory. A high positive response has been reported by users of Crescina products. Take a look at the benefits offered by this Swiss brand:

1) The different Crescina patented solutions have been formulated to fight ageing, preserve cell longevity and promote hair growth.

2) Crescina HFSC 100% (amber liquid) contains amino acids Lysine and Cysteine as well as Glycloprotein, ingredients vital to maintaining healthy bulbs and hair growth. The formulation for women contain additional ingredients Biotin, Glutamine and conditioning substance Quaternium-52.

3) The unique stem engine complex allows for a slow release of the treatments for thorough absorption.

4) Crescina HFSC 100% (amber liquid) invigorates the bulb while Crescina HSSC (clear liquid) strengthens the hold of the hair follicle to the hair strand. This dual action prevents hair fall and restores the vitality of the hair, resulting in active regrowth.

5) Crescina is a non-fuss topical solution that is easy to apply. The effects last for 3 to 6 months after use. For continuous benefits, we suggest follow-up treatments twice or thrice a year.

6) A special shampoo containing the same active ingredients present in the treatments help maintain the benefits of the Crescina products.

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Easy to Apply

Regain hair growth and volume in just
a few easy steps. Here’s how.

Application Scheme

Crescina HFSC 100%

The treatment pack has two types of vials filled with 3.5 ml of a clear (HSSC) and an amber-toned solution (HFSC). Use the two solutions alternately for five days before a two-day break. Follow the application scheme illustrated in the chart below and you’re on your way to thicker, healthier hair.

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Application Scheme

Crescina HFSC 100%

Each single-dose vial contains 3.5 ml of the treatment to be applied daily for 5 consecutive days, followed by a two-day break (e.g. from Monday to Friday, with a break on Saturday and Sunday). Apply Crescina to clean, dry scalp. Follow the instructions inside the box to open the vial.
Recommended application time: minimum 2 months.